About Brandon Dial Law

Brandon Dial is the Augusta hometown lawyer prepared to handle your personal injury, probate or family law case. Brandon Dial is the hometown advocate ready to fight for you in court and is committed to the proper justice each client deserves.

Brandon Dial has been a part of the Augusta community for most of his life. Before graduating from The University of Georgia and Mississippi College School of Law, Brandon attended our local Columbia County schools.

Choosing a local and hometown attorney makes a difference when it comes to your claim. Out of town attorneys are not prepared to go to court for Augusta clients. They’re unfamiliar with the judges and are looking for a quick settlement. To clients, that’s a disadvantage. Brandon Dial puts his energy and local knowledge into every case. You won’t speak or put your finances in the hands of a paralegal, but instead with the premiere Augusta hometown attorney.

Brandon Dial Law personalizes each case depending on the individual’s circumstances. Brandon Dial’s credibility in court and familiarity with local judges has proven to give his clients an advantage.

“My job is to individualize each claim. It’s not just a fender-bender… it’s a real person who had a car wreck and here is how it affected his life.” – Brandon Dial

At Brandon Dial Law, you are not just another file or claim. Brandon Dial is the hometown Augusta lawyer prepared to go to court and fight for you to get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. When your health, finances and overall well-being are at stake, you deserve the best advocate on your side fighting for you.

“When you come into our office, you’re going to meet with me and I’m going to handle your claim from beginning to end.” – Brandon Dial

Choose the Augusta hometown advocate for your personal injury, probate or family law claims. Get the respect and attention you deserve with Brandon Dial Law.