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Brandon Dial, Augusta’s hometown attorney for Family Law

Choose Brandon Dial Law to handle your family law matter. Brandon Dial is the experienced hometown Augusta attorney ready to guide you through all family law matters including divorce, legitimization and child support & modification.


Brandon Dial works with families to reach an equitable division of property and debts. Equitable division doesn’t mean equal, but what’s fair for both parties


Brandon Dial helps men through the process of creating a legal connection with their child. In some circumstances, this is the only process to gain legal custody.

Child Support & Modification

Brandon Dial Law provides service whether you are a parent seeking child support or a parent subject to payment. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances regarding finances, there may be reason for a downward or upward modification of child support obligation.

Divorce and family law cases can be highly emotional and traumatic. Brandon Dial Law is the family lawyer who understands and can help with his acquired family law experience. Marriage partners are often unaware what the law provides or requires of them. Consulting with Augusta’s hometown attorney protects your rights and answers your questions regarding divorce, children’s rights, property rights and your rights and responsibilities resulting from the marriage.

Most individuals are overwhelmed by the legal process and have found the self-help division in the courthouse unhelpful. You can rely on Brandon Dial Law to provide guidance throughout the entire process to inform you about your legal rights and obligations.

Brandon Dial Law understands and analyzes your unique situation to help you make the decisions that are in your best interest and the best interests of your family. Brandon Dial recognizes the problems facing families today and will provide you the personal attention you deserve from beginning to end.

Choose Brandon Dial Law to handle your family law matter. Brandon Dial puts his energy and local knowledge into every case. You won’t speak or put your finances in the hands of a paralegal but instead with the premiere Augusta hometown lawyer.